6 Ways Legal Leaders can Prepare for Generative AI [Infographic]

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal industry has made significant progress in the last decade, but generative AI represents a radical shift that blurs the line between automation and creativity.

Tech giants and startups alike are investing heavily in AI to build foundational models and develop targeted applications. In 2023, Thomson Reuters announced it would invest over $100 million annually in AI capabilities. The content-driven company has also developed a contract drafting solution powered by its legal products with Microsoft Copilot for Word. And in August 2023, Thomson Reuters completed its acquisition of Casetext.

Firms can seize AI’s opportunities to enhance client service and grow their business.  But they also need to ensure that the technologies they adopt adhere to governance requirements and regulations.

“Regardless of the pace of regulation, the rapid development of these technologies is likely to continue, and law firms will be challenged to keep pace with these changes, to the benefit of not only their own business but also that of their customers.”
2023 Australia: State of the Legal Market

Experiment with Generative AI today, not tomorrow 

Law firms and legal teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, and across Asia, are already exploring how they can incorporate generative AI into their businesses.

The Tech and the Law 2023 report shows that 69% of private practice professionals believe generative AI will improve efficiency. Over half agree it will help them better serve clients. Though most firms have no concrete plans to adopt AI, the report shows that many are experimenting with it cautiously.

The 2023 State of the Legal Market report outlined six key actions that law firms and legal teams can take to prepare for generative AI in a handy infographic. This handy visual resource is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding and embrace generative AI effectively.

Here are the six ways that legal leaders in law firms or corporates can use to prepare for generative AI:

Infographic describing how law firs can prepare for generative AI.

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