Guide to Choosing the Best Legal Research Software for Your Firm

There is no margin for error when it comes to researching matters such as case law and precedents. Whether you are a practitioner managing a client’s legal affairs autonomously, overseeing a junior lawyer or you are gathering legal data for a partner, your case law research should be the trusted source of truth.

As a legal practitioner, there are crucial moments where access to accurate and thorough research is key to delivering successful client outcomes. No matter the area of the law you specialise in, without a suitable platform or provider to keep abreast of precedents and court rulings, you may go excessively overtime – billable or not – on legal research admin

Legal research software is here to help with the increasing demands placed on legal practitioners, offering a range of legal research tools to consider.

Background on legal research and modern software solutions

Practicing as a lawyer was different before cloud computing. Firms had servers set up – often in multiple places – to store their data, just like their legal software came in hardware form (user manual included). As the profession has grown and developed, so too have legal technology offerings in the market. Stakeholders have growing trust in the ability for legal technology to provide safe and secure options. For example, in KPMG’s 2019 Global CEO Outlook survey, 68% of Australian CEOs agreed they are more confident about increasing the use of cloud technologies in their organisation, compared to the year prior. 

Today, most cloud based legal research software do not require extensive training and law graduates entering the workforce primed to use them. Enhanced legal research capabilities have become highly integrated into the lawyer’s daily workflow like a pen to the hand. Legal departments and law firms are opting to use legal solutions which reflect the expectations of high performance they place on their lawyers. Whether you are looking to retire an inefficient legal research tool or simply need a new case law software solution, weighing up the true benefits of investing in a solution to secure buy-in from your stakeholders is the first step.

If you’re in the market to invest in legal research technology, this step-by-step guide will help to narrow down your options. Simply download your complimentary resource via the submission form on this page.

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