Climate risk, net zero and corporate governance legal practice note

Directors of Australian companies are now increasingly required to consider the risks posed by climate change as part of their corporate governance, and to take appropriate action to disclose and manage those risks over both the short and the long term.  

Practical Law’sPractice note, Climate risk, net zero and corporate governance describes the primary Australian sources of climate risk-related law, regulation and reporting frameworks affecting company directors’ statutory duty of care, disclosure obligations for listed public companies, and the risks of greenwashing liability when making net zero commitments. 

Corporate legal questions answered 

  • What are the key types of climate risk relevant for businesses? 
  • Why must directors consider climate risk? 
  • Which directors’ duties are relevant to climate risk? 
  • How should directors think about disclosing and managing climate risk

Other practical considerations covered  

  • Net zero commitments and greenwashing 
  • What actions can directors take? 

Access this complimentary practice note to ensure that you or your client navigates climate risk, net zero and corporate governance effectively in 2022.  

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