Thomson Reuters On-Demand Webinar – Harmonizing Global Statutory Reporting: Key Insights from APAC Market Survey

Finance Shared Services are under pressure to find new ways to drive not just savings and efficiencies but also value-add that reduces exposure to risk and improves compliance.

Statutory reporting is emerging as a strong candidate for centralization, standardization, and delivery through a globally integrated technology platform, as highlighted in a new survey of leading enterprises across the Asia-Pacific region.
The survey results highlight finance’s priorities in terms of performance, investments, and results – and expose critical gaps that are impacting process optimization.

Join this webinar as we review the findings of this survey of leading enterprises across APAC, and how Shared Services are incorporating additional finance processes. In this session, Hari Ganesh Kumar and Annie Luu from Thomson Reuters will offer tips on how to leverage digitisation to protect against disruptions, maintain performance, and expand value-add across a broader scope.

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