Efficiency Milestones for Corporate Legal Teams of all Sizes

According to Acritas, 61% of in-house counsel in the Asia-Pacific experienced ramped-up workloads when the pandemic first hit. What happens when you cannot get your house in order? While you can’t necessarily anticipate when the next work surge will hit your team, you can at least prepare for it.

Many legal functions opt to implement platform solutions that take the hassle out of switching between multiple technologies. Take HighQ as one example. It offers deep and broad capabilities as well as out-of-the-box integration plus open APIs for seamless integration with other systems and processes.  

Given the many benefits of adopting these technologies, we’ve curated four, manageable milestones your team could achieve this year using HighQ. 

End-to-end contract lifecycle management

Is your contract management process as good as it could be? Imagine your legal department having an overview of its entire contract database though a single source. 

Your team’s workload may be filled with overseeing contract management, project portfolios, managing risks and compliance. It could be time to upgrade your contracting processes. HighQ enables corporate counsel to automate workflows and processes all in the one place, enhancing productivity and reducing time. 

Ticking off this milestone will empower you to manage the entire contract lifecycle, from drafts to negotiation and official execution. Contract portfolios on HighQ are well taken care of – the platform integrates seamlessly with DocuSign.

Aside from this, you can opt to have your contract creation generated from templates and clause libraries. This will improve your responsiveness, increase your ability to manage risk and of course, help ensure that you remain compliant. 

Complete oversight on matters

In a 2020 poll conducted by Gartner, two thirds of their legal leader respondents said, “they expected overall legal department headcount to remain flat in 2021, and half expected further budget reductions”. If your team isn’t going to grow anytime soon, or you’re anticipating the next budget cut, you’ll want to be on top of matter management.

When HighQ functions within a legal team, daily demands are simplified. For example, gaining visibility over matters offers a complete picture enabling you to report back to the business. Permissions-based access to your in-house lawyers’ workloads, gives you insights to their regular activity, spend and more.

HighQ also analyses data and metrics on matters, enabling the law department to closely align with business strategy. The platform can even streamline your matter workflow, monitor legal KPIs and optimise legal counsel collaboration. This gives your department the best chance at working to its highest efficiency. 

Agile approach to legal intake

Demonstrating the in-house team’s value tends to be front of mind for General Counsel and Legal Operations Managers. HighQ’s legal intake feature supports the management of legal services at a rapid rate. The platform is configured for this purpose and offers teams the benefits of improved response rates and cycle times. 

Is your department overwhelmed by tasks, contract creation and documents? Clarity in the cloud isn’t far away. HighQ tracks a complete record and performs audits on demand and can highlight potential risks from data cues. 

Unlock your team’s potential by providing self-service tools, such as access to legal checklists, other guidance and more. This will not only give your department an edge but assist with their in-house legal confidence. 

Internal and external collaboration

Depending on the region you work in, face-to-face communication may be off the table (for now). This can make corporate counsel and vendor collaboration challenging. In any case, many legal departments need access to online document collaboration to work through their daily tasks. 

Teams who utilise HighQ can ditch email and conduct communication and file collaboration via the platform itself. Regardless of time zones, differentiating routines or even devices, your team can securely share, view and edit any document online. You can even opt to work with your external law firm advisers via HighQ as well. 

HighQ saves you time and effort scouring for information to complete the day-to-day. It stores all your documents in one place. Process improvement such as this can boost a department’s productivity through connecting the dots more quickly.

Unlock your legal team’s potential for success

Through embracing the cutting-edge legal technologies, the modern legal department can be more efficient than ever. This user-friendly, mobile-friendly solution provides flexibility and a secure space to manage legal work. Best of all, HighQ helps you demonstrate cost savings for your organisation through the comprehensive business oversight it provides. 

With these four milestones now top of mind, will you build a case for change? Speak with a Thomson Reuters specialist today to enhance your virtual workplace with the HighQ platform solution. 

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