SURVEY: Participate in the 12th Annual Cost of Compliance Survey!

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence has launched its 12th annual survey on the cost of compliance for regulated firms in the financial services industry. During the lifetime of the report, the survey has generated more nearly 7,000 responses from around the world and been downloaded nearly 55,000 times by firms, regulators, consultancies and law firms.

Now in its 12th year the survey (link is: has become the acknowledged voice of the industry and the frank concerns and views shared by participants have consistently given an insight into the reality and challenges faced by risk and compliance practitioners.

The questions have been updated to reflect the ramifications of COVID-19 and the embedding of culture and conduct risk into the mainstream together with the increasing focus on personal accountability. The 11th annual cost of compliance report and COVID-19 snapshot update are available to download (

The survey results will highlight trends and regional comparisons, allowing you to benchmark your views against your compliance peers, whilst gaining insight into the direction the role of compliance is taking within the industry.

The findings of the report are intended to help regulated firms with planning, resourcing and direction, and to allow them to determine whether their resources, strategy and expectations are in line with the wider industry. The experiences of Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions (G-SIFIs) are analyzed separately where these can provide a sense of the approach taken by the world’s largest financial services firms.

All information will be treated in the strictest of confidence and results will be displayed anonymously.

The results will form part of a special report on the cost of compliance which will be available to download in Q2 2021.

Thank you for your participation in the 12th annual cost of compliance survey (link is: 

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