Don’t Let Supply Chain Screening Slide Due to the Crisis

Managing compliance with increasingly complex sanctions and embargo regimes is a demanding task in the current global trade environment. However, it’s essential to understand who you’re doing business with. The actions of your clients, suppliers, vendors and partners could put your organization at risk of involvement with a sanctionable or illicit activity.

Between rising tariffs, changing trade regulations, and the spread of COVID-19, global trade compliance professionals are facing a new wave of challenges in their supply chains. We’re committed to supporting you and your business as we navigate this complicated and ever-changing environment together.

Thomson Reuters’ visual guide provides insights into supply chain screening, how businesses should act during such times and to navigate the complex sanctions landscape.

Key insights covered:

  • What should your business do against a backdrop of expanding regulation and robust enforcement action
  • The most cumbersome trade processes, in the context of the pandemic’s containment measures revealed by the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility COVID-19 Survey[1]
  • The global sanctions landscape, which is always in flux and often contradictory and the different types of sanctions regimes
  • How can you prevent your business from violating sanctions, facilitating financial crime or being associated with corrupt practices?

[1] [English Survey]

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