Thomson Reuters MENA: Hot Seat Episode 4

Tax Disputes and Audits: A legal point of view

In this episode, we have invited Mahmoud Abuwasel, Managing Partner and Head of Corporate & Tax Disputes at Wasel & Wasel, to sit in the Hot Seat and share his legal point of view on topical tax issues in the GCC. We ask for his advice on managing tax disputes and discuss the criminal consequences for organizations that file VAT returns incorrectly or fail to co-operate during a tax audit, among other matters.

About the interviewee

Mahmoud Abuwasel is the Managing Partner, Head of Corporate & Tax Disputes at Wasel & Wasel. Mahmoud is a Harvard graduate practitioner and represents clients in corporate and tax disputes. He has represented leading HNW investors and multinationals across the globe in multibillion-dollar litigation and arbitration and has counseled on over USD 250M worth of tax disputes in the UAE. Mahmoud was counsel on the first Tax Disputes Resolution Committee challenges and Federal Court tax cases in the UAE, and has been counsel on precedent-setting tax dispute rulings and is regularly engaged by taxpayers such as HNW family businesses and Fortune 500 companies, and tax advisors to counsel on issues such as voluntary disclosures and tax penalties.

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