On-Demand Webinar | Finance and Tax Outlook: 2020

As organisations start to grapple with what the new ‘normal’ of 2020 (and beyond) looks like, business leaders and managers will be tasked with driving efficiencies as quickly as possible. From a tax point of view, people are having to find new ways of working and communicating, all the while staying abreast of the different regulatory requirements and deadlines. Regardless of these changes the team still need the right information to file returns and ensure the business remains compliant.

Thomson Reuters MENA, in partnership with Keypoint, hosted Finance and Tax Outlook: 2020, as we discussed the evolution of Tax and Finance functions in the GCC, the potential impact of current trends & new key regulations being introduced and the growing importance of technology to ensure compliance & transparency.

This webinar covered:

  • Rise of Taxation and the evolution of the Tax authority’s role in GCC
  • Finance & Tax Transformation Projects
  • KSA VAT Hike Strategy
  • Governments & Tax authorities Stimulating the economy and supporting the private sector [COVID-19]
  • Post COVID-19 – what is the new normal?
  • Role of Technology in supporting the dynamic changes in the Finance & Tax space.

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