Thomson Reuters Launches 2024 Asia Legal Priorities Survey

Legal Insights Snapshot: The Asia Legal Priorities Survey 2024 Launch

The legal landscape is continually evolving, and to navigate these changes with precision, the perspectives of legal professionals are invaluable. The Asia Legal Priorities Survey 2024, presented by Thomson Reuters, is designed to capture the collective expertise of lawyers and in-house counsel across Asia. This survey aims to gather insights on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in the legal sector.

Open to legal practitioners in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, the survey seeks to understand the priorities and practices that are shaping the industry. It delves into the strategic priorities, operational focus, regulatory priorities, and the legal industry’s perception and state of adopting AI. Participants have a unique opportunity to influence future resources, events, and discussions, tailored to the legal community’s needs.

Upon completion, respondents will not only contribute to a comprehensive analysis of the legal landscape but also stand a chance to win an SGD50 Amazon Voucher. The results, set to be shared in May, promise to offer valuable benchmarks and insights for legal professionals.

Join us in this endeavor to map the future of law by participating in the Asia Legal Priorities Survey 2024. Your expertise can help define the next wave of legal innovations and strategies.

Access the Asia Legal Priorities Survey 2024 here.

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