Thomson Reuters MENA: Hot Seat Episode 3

Global Trade: Market Trends and Role of Technology

Today, businesses involved in international trade face a diverse set of challenges, from rising protectionism and ever-expanding regulatory compliance demands, to tough competition and pressure to do more with less. In this context, corporations may need to move beyond manual approaches, and focus on critical cost optimization initiatives and tools that allow them to take advantage of Free Trade Agreements, preferential duty programs and other supply chain cost reduction opportunities.
For the third episode of our MENA Hot Seat video series, we invited Murat Palaoğlu, Head of Tax & Customs at KPMG Türkiye, to share his expert insights on the world trade landscape. In this interview, we explore the issues that are keeping global trade and supply chain managers up at night; and discuss innovative solutions.  
To access insights on key topics such as protectionism, trade visibility and supply chain optimization, view the video above.

About the interviewee

Murat Palaoğlu joined KPMG in 2012. Before joining KPMG, he worked as Inspector of customs at the Prime Ministry Under secretariat of Customs (Customs and Trade Ministry) where he was promoted as the Chief inspector of Customs and Trade. He advised customs operations, global trade strategies, disputes and he investigated any kind of cases about foreign trade, trade or organized crime such as smuggling, corruption, money laundering etc. upon joining the firm in 2012. Murat leads Customs & Trade department in KPMG Türkiye as a Partner where he serves his clients with audit, dispute, global trade advisory, customs operations and opportunities related advisory topics.

He holds a master’s degree from Boston University, MA and holds a Turkey Customs Brokers license. Murat has wide experience in various multinational and local clients from multiple industries which include automotive, energy, pharmaceuticals, electronics etc. He is also a part time instructor in Istanbul University.

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